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Job Description



Job Description:Certified Caregiver/Licensed Certified Nursing Assistant



The caregiver is responsible for assisting all residents with physical, emotional, and social needs.





  1. Assisting residents in all areas of resident care including hygiene, grooming, dressing, eating, safety, appropriate social behavior, hydration, mobility, toileting, and nourishment per standards of care and providing each resident’s care in accordance with the resident’s care plan.

  2. Assisting resident with colostomy, catheter, and incontinence care.  Recording all intake/outs as ordered.

  3. Observing resident behavior and immediately reporting any changes in the resident’s physical, emotional, social, behavioral status which is not normal for that resident to the manager.

  4. Laundry and housekeeping services.

  5. Changing linens.

  6. Checking and documenting resident’s vital signs and reporting any abnormal reading to the manager/nurse.

  7. Documenting all facility and resident records as assigned.

  8. Reminding, supervising, and assisting residents with self-administration of medication per physician-approved medication policies and procedures.

  9. Documenting all medications taken by residents per physician-approved medication policies and procedures.

  10. Responsible for showing courtesy and respect to all residents, their families, visitors, and that the phone and doorbell are answered promptly and courteously.

  11. Announcing the meal before serving.

  12. Providing an attractive table setting and place presentation for each meal.

  13. Encouraging a positive and pleasant conversation at the table for each meal.

  14. Informing and reminding residents about activities for each day and encouraging and motivating each resident to attend.

  15. Assisting each resident to each meal and activity.

  16. Responsible for seeing that residents maintain adequate supplies of personal-need items and reporting any lack thereof to the manager.

  17. Responsible for meal preparations, meal serving, and food storage per policies and procedures as assigned,

  18. Maintaining resident’s rooms, facility common areas, patios, closets, and cupboards in an organized, clean, sanitary condition.

  19. Responsible for reporting any unsafe conditions or repairs needed.

  20. Responsible for reporting any changes in health status of residents, emergency household needs resident or family complaints to the manager.


  1. Responsible for reporting any problems noted with security, vandalism, and theft to manager.

  2. Responsible for filing an Incident Report and notifying the manager reportable incidents occurs to residents, staff members, yourself, or the facility during your shift.

  3. Respecting and protecting the legal and personal rights of all residents.

  4. Responsible for safeguarding the confidentiality of resident’s records and personal information.

  5. Responsible for reading and initialing all memos and notes that are posted and put into the communication book by management.

  6. Responsible for becoming knowledgeable and adhering to Facility Policies and Procedures and any county, state, or federal regulations that may apply.

  7. Responsible for attending weekly or monthly staff meetings as scheduled by management.

  8. Responsible for assisting with crisis management per policies and procedures.

  9. Responsible for complying with all standards of conduct and absenteeism policies.

  10. Responsible for properly completing time cards and other employee records in a timely manner.




The caregiver reports directly to the Manager.





The caregiver is expected to conduct himself/herself in a professional manner and to maintain a cooperative working relationship will all peers and management.





The caregiver shall be 21 years of age or older.  Certified Nursing Assistant’s shall be in good standing with the Arizona State Board of Nursing.  Able to communicate in English with residents, peers, management, physicians or other medical professionals and community agencies, and shall sign a statement that he/she is not awaiting trial, has never been convicted of, and has never committed assault, battery or any crime involving physical violence, abuse, neglect, a felony drug offense, theft, extortion, or exploitation.  The caregiver shall not illegally use, sell or trade drugs or medications.  The caregiver must supply a report of a negative Mantoux skin test taken within the last 10 months of submitting the report or supply a written statement from a physician stating that the caregiver is free of any previous Tuberculosis infection within the last ten months.  The caregiver must obtain and maintain certification in First Aid and CPR and complete 12 hours of continued education annually.  The caregiver must obtain fingerprints and submit them to manager so that they may be submitted to the Department of Public Safety.

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